Booster Club for 2018-2019


The junior high years are extremely formative for our students, and we hope to have a big impact on all of our students through the PTA this year!  One of the ways that we can support LHJH as a community is through our booster club. 


This year we are kicking off our first-ever LHJH Booster Club, and we are excited at the prospect of partnering with our community businesses and families!  There are THREE year-round sponsorship levels to choose from: Wildcat, Platinum, and Gold.   Here are the benefits for each level:



Booster Club donations are available though the on-line store and are tax-deductible.


Examples of how LHJH PTA funds were used last year include: 

  • Teacher lounge makeover
  • Teacher reimbursement for classroom supplies
  • Snacks for New Teacher Training
  • Teacher Work Day luncheon
  • Teachers' dinners prior to Open House, Meet the Teacher and Lights on Lake Highlands
  • Celebration Day treats
  • Monthly teacher treats
  • Hundreds of Saturday School pizzas
  • Hundreds of tutoring snacks & drinks
  • Student scholarships for field trips
  • Teacher shirts
  • New furniture for the library
  • New performance uniforms and music for both band and orchestra

Become an LHJH Booster today!


Thanks for your support!