Join the fun!



Girls Night Out—Game Night
Play fun games with girlfriends new and old.

Hosted by Carrie Dishman, Molly Faukes, 
Kim Iltis, Cindy Klein, JoAnna Dement, & Paula Woodbury

February 10, 2018    $20 per person    10 spots available

Girls Night Out—SPADES
Fun night of SPADES with friends.

Hosted by Jenn Jenkins and Jen Toombs

March 21, 2018    $30 per person     2 spots available 

Pub & Pedal
Bring your mountain bike or tandem for LHJH Pub Pedal. 
The tour is for riders (and drinkers) of all levels! We've got some 
different stops planned for this year,so you won't want to miss it!

Hosted by Haness, Leepers, Schmediekes, Towbs

April 21, 2018    $40 per person    18 spots available 

Taste of Texas
Come have fun and join friends for a 
progressive dinner as we hop, jump and run to houses.

Hosted by Dorminys, Janowskis, Logans, Martins, Meeks

April 28, 2018    $30 per person    8 spots available 

Yoga @ Oak Highlands Brewery
Bring Your Own Mat for an hour of yoga with friends. 
Families are welcome to join after to socialize. 1 beer included.

        Hosted by Carolyn Potter

May 19, 2018    $15 per person    6 spots available