Landscape Beautification Project

We have an exciting campus beautiļ¬cation project, approved by the RISD Board of Trustees and backed by campus administration, that entails planting trees, installing cut limestone seating areas and addressing the retaining walls near the auditorium. This is at least a three-year project due to the volume of trees we have asked to plant.


Phase One can begin this winter; see the plan here:

We need your help in realizing this dream!

In order to commemorate this project, we will install a donor plaque on campus based on the donation levels below.

Levels of Giving for Plaque Recognition:

(3 needed) Seating Area Sponsors and Retaining Wall Sponsor at $7,000 each, which will pay for the installation of cut limestone seating areas and updating retaining walls; see area H and G above.

(5 needed) Large Tree Sponsors at $1,000 each, which will cover the costs associated with planting and maintaining 1 large tree in section A, phase 1 above.

(63 needed) Small Tree Sponsors at $250 each, will cover the costs associated with planting and maintaining trees in areas E and F on map above.


LHJH PTA Beautification Project Phase One Donation Options:


Thank you to the following families and organizations who have contributed!!!


Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association
Lake Ridge Estates Neighborhood Association
James R. Royer
Robert Royer
The Woodall Family
The Potter Family
The Cothern Family
The Haness Family
The Breedlove Family (Scott & Julie)
The Janowski Family
The Overstreet Family
The Denslow Family
The Briggs Family
The Solomon Family
The Logan Family
The White Family
The McClung Family
The O'Hara Family
The Setliff Family
The Smith Family
The Alexander Family
The Baggett Family
The Linton Family
The Herridge Family
The Engel Family
Carrie Breedlove
The Stewart Family


Please join the effort…this is just the beginning!



Questions?  Contact Carolyn Potter, LHJH PTA President 2016-18, at

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